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Motors – Direct Drive MD-1500 For Jumbo Diamond Polishing Mill   29/01/2014

About Electric motor for Diamond Polishing Mill / Diamond Polishing Bench (Polishing Mill)


Makson Diamond Motor / Diamond Scaife motors (Diamond Scaife Spindles) are characterized by ruggedness and efficiency. They are manufactured using state of the art equipment to exacting standards in order to ensure performance and reliability. A wide variety is available to suit Diamond industrial applications.


# Diamond Scaife motor. Specially design for diamond industries.

features : 

# Suitable for 380 - 440 V three phase, 50 Hz power supplies.
# Capacity Available 0.25 to 1 Hp.
# 2 & 3 Bearing Installation Avaliable.
# Vibration Free Operation.
# Noiceless in Working.
# Rigid cast iron construction.
# Available with A & B class insulation.
# Frame sizes and shaft extension as per ISI and IEC specifications.
# IP 54 protection as standard.