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MAKSON CORPORATION., is an India (Gujarat) based company involved in manufacturing & supply of Machineries for Diamond Industries and Precision Mechanical components for different industrial applications. The products are manufactured as per international quality and standards. The Company is Certified ISO 9001:2000 by BVQI.


Our unique blend of high caliber design, engineering and manufacturing services, flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs and ability to provide a full range of product testing services have uniquely positioned Makson Corporation in the highly-competitive global contract manufacturing marketplace.



At Steel Fabricators International, we believe that our success depends on your satisfaction. We have proven this to our customers by serving them with quality and dedication for over Ten years.




India's best diamond impregnated scaife for better productivity and smooth operation. The scaife is manufactured at our most modern and highly sophisticated plant in India. Depth of diamond layer more than 2 mm. Width and grade of diamond layer as per your requirement.


Green Energy

Green energy is class of energy technologies that have less minimal impact on the environment, renewable energy is far more beneficial to the environment than fossil fuels that produce harmful side effects as a byproduct of their usage. Some of the green types of energy include solar energy,