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Makson Outsourcing Engineering Services

Outsourcing has been a key factor in Indian growth story. Makson’s growing industry presence and its success in Precision engineering prompted us to foray into outsourcing engineering business. Makson is attractively placed to capitalize on the expertise of its highly trained professional staff working with the great enthusiasm, commitment and care. Makson’s cutting edge technology provides clients an unmatched value proposition, through its proven experience, latest technology and diverse range of services.


The key factors of outsourcing engineering

The first stage of outsourcing involves strategic thinking about the role of outsourcing followed by evaluation and selection of projects and locations. Next is process development and at the end is outsourcing management for customer relationship. Temporary spikes in demand for engineering resources — and the need to control project and/or salary costs — usually drive the need for engineering outsourcing. At Makson we can address both by delivering your project on time at affordable cost.

Makson provides engineering solution at the conceptual stage along with the complete range of services incorporating designing, redesigning, and problem-solving to delivery and execution. Makson offers innovative solution, robust performance and the range of comprehensive services to its clients. The direct access to our technicians makes us highly predictable and reliable, drastically reducing the risk associated to the projects that we execute.

Engineering resources and capabilities

Our Engineering Center can deliver a small, fast-turn-around tool design or a major plant redesign with equal efficiency and cost savings — and can support both U.S. and international projects. We can provide a range of outsourced engineering services with capabilities that include:

  • Assembly cell design
  • Assembly line design, build or relocation
  • Engineering analysis
  • Engineering project management
  • Engineering services
  • Full service engineering
  • Gage Design
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Manufacturing Equipment design & build
  • Medical Devices Design
  • Mold Design
  • New Product Development
  • Outsourcing of Departments
  • Plastic injection mold design
  • Process equipment design
  • Product development
  • Product engineering
  • Product feasibility drawings/sketches
  • Quality engineering
  • Special machines design
  • Supply Chain Management & Supplier
  • Development
  • Tool design and build
  • Tooling design & engineering
  • Trim Die design

Design & Engineering engineers involved included:

  • Thermoplastic injection molding operators [single color, multi-color processing]
  • Thermoset Molding Technicians
  • Molding Engineers
  • Molding Technicians [Techs.)
  • Process Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Quality Engineers


Engineering Outsourcing Case Study:

Specialized Plastic Injection Molding Engineering

One of the largest plastic injection molding manufacturers in the world had very specialized personnel needs. One division focused on a unique process: four-color injection molding machines capable of molding Red, Amber, Clear (white) and Black polycarbonate plastic in one operation. Molding engineers and molding technicians were provided for all three shifts of a 24 x 7 manufacturing operation. Assembly of these special products involved Butyl Adhesive bonding or Hot-Melt adhesive bonding processes for attachment of the sub-components into a weatherproof final assembly.

Another special assembly process involved Sonic & Vibration Welding processes that required specially designed horns for permanently fusing the plastic parts. Continental was able to support these welding process needs with key manufacturing technical talent on all three shifts as production volumes rose and declined for an optimum lean staffing solution.


Engineering Outsourcing Case Study :

Space Age Plastics Manufacturing

This facility focused on Carbon-Fiber Thermoset plastic molding (Composite Materials), as seen in Aerospace and Automotive Industries. The components that utilize these thermoset plastic materials involve extremely sensitive molding processes. The molding process was followed by a series of chemical washes, Base Coats, Vacuum Deposition Aluminizing, and Top Coating, for protection in extremely harsh environments. Continental was able to help resolve Quality problems and reduce scrap levels throughout the high-tech manufacturing process with Molding Engineers, Quality Engineers and Industrial Engineers who completed engineering evaluations to get at the root cause of the quality situations.